7 Inspiring Movies That Will Make You Appreciate Life ...


When you’re depressed about your situation, there are inspiring movies that will make you appreciate your life. So many people have been subjected to terrible things, and have made it through alive. Whether the stories are fictional or factual, they can teach us all something. If you haven’t seen the following inspiring movies, you should take some time to watch them.

1. 127 Hours

127 Hours tells the true tale of Aron Ralston, who is portrayed by James Franco. While hiking through Blue John Canyon, a boulder becomes dislodged and falls onto his arm. He spends 127 hours trapped in place, with barely enough food and water to survive. This is one of the inspiring movies that shows how strong one’s will to survive can be. If Aron can make it through such a tough situation, you can make it through yours.

2. It’s a Wonderful Life

Have you ever wondered if your friends and family would be happier w