Movies That All Happen in One Day or Less ...


Movies can cram thousands of years or a few hours into the storyline.

You can live a lifetime in a movie or you can just get a snapshot of time.

I’ve made a list of movies where all the action takes place in 24 hours or less.2

1. Adventures in Babysitting

This 80s classic shows you just how much trouble you can get in to in a single night when you are stuck babysitting instead of going out on a date!

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2. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

A really tense and thrilling one day tale about a group of criminals that hi-jack a train and demand a ransom.2

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3. Dredd

In this modern remake of the classic Judge Dredd series, the famous character fights his way up a 200-story building to defeat the bad guys!3

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4. Rope

An underrated Hitchcock movie about two friends who murder another friend and hold a dinner party with his body still in the apartment to prove if they can handle it!

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5. A Single Man

Still grieving for his dead lover, a man decides to kill himself but not before he spends the day with an old friend and a student of his.2

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6. Rebel without a Cause

The defining performance of James Dean’s short career, his teenage character arrives at a new school, falls in love with a girl and takes on the bullies!

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7. High Noon

A classic Western about a town sheriff who has to wait all day to confront the released convict that he sent to jail.

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8. The Breakfast Club

One of the best teen movies of the 80s, telling the story of a single day in Saturday detention for five completely different high school students.

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