7 Classic Movie Actors That You've Got to Check out ...

I’m a big movie buff, so when it comes to classic movie actors, I’m your gal! There is something special about black-and-white films that leave me smiling. But not all my favorites are colorless; in fact, some of them are bursting with colors! No matter what the film consists of, classic movie actors always seem to do a marvelous job in their roles.

1. Audrey Hepburn

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Classic movie actors should all bow down to my idol, Audrey Hepburn. From interviews, we know that Hepburn was a delight to have on set with her soft and friendly demeanor. One aspect I enjoy about her films is that she commits to each role, leading me to believe she is a blind woman in “Wait Until Dark” and royalty in “Roman Holiday.” She dances with Fred Astaire in “Funny Face” and though not known for her dancing in the same light as Astaire, she does her best. And to top it all off, she’s listed on the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame to show that this girl’s got taste.

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