9 Kick-Ass Female Characters That Are Truly Inspiring ...

There are a whole ton of kick-ass female characters that are truly inspiring for us ladies to look up to nowadays! We’re lucky that we grew up in a time where there was always an amazing woman for us to relate to. Through movies, books, television shows, there were definitely no shortages in the kick-ass female characters department! These women reminded us all that no matter what was happening in our lives, we could push forward, persevere, become leaders, and look absolutely amazing while doing it. Here are 9 kick-ass female characters that are truly inspiring.

1. Sydney Bristow, Alias

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Alias is one of my favourite shows in the world, and Sydney Bristow has forever held the bar for me when it comes to kick-ass female characters. She was smart, brave, loyal, and could literally kick anyone’s ass in her sleep. What made her stand out, however, was her strong sense of self. Despite going through so many experiences that were supposed to tear her down (that is, unless you don’t consider your own mother lying to you about her existence, the fact that you have a half sister, or the fact that she shot at you to be positive mother-daughter experiences), she never let it harden her and stayed true to her beliefs. Better still, she did all this while looking gorgeous in every possible get up you could imagine.

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