7 Movies That Inspired Real Life Crimes 👮👮🏾 ...


Personally I am a big fan of horror/thriller movies, especially the ones with twisted psychological plots that really get your gears going. However, there are some people that enjoy these movies so much that they take it upon themselves to bring it to life and as a result put many innocent lives in danger. Here are a just few of many movies that inspired real life crimes.

1. Saw

In 2012, Benjamin Scott, inspired by the Saw horror movies slashed and stabbed his neighbor at least 120 times in the eyes, head, face and back after a small argument. Scott had a long history of mental illness. Just days before the attack, he was admitted to a health facility for psychiatric treatment but was unfortunately discharged while unstable. He was then sentenced to a minimum of 15 years for manslaughter.

Fight Club
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