7 Movies That'll Make You Cry Every Single Time ...

Let’s face it, there are so many movies that’ll make you cry. I, for one, am such a baby when it comes down to movies. I mean, I cry when I’m reading a sad book! Still, I love watching a beautiful love story and hoping for the best. I know there are SO many movies out there so I’m sure your list is a lot different than mine. But, if you’re looking for a good cry, these movies will do the trick. These are some movies that’ll make you cry.

1. A Walk to Remember

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Before I watched this movie, my friend warned me about the sad love story. I thought I was prepared. Boy, was I wrong. This movie still managed to make me bawl like a baby. It’s one of those movies that'll make you cry every time because even though you already know the outcome, you can’t help but root for a happy ending. Mandy Moore and Shane West are perfect in the movie. If you need a good cry, I recommend this.

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