6 Movies 🎥 You Should Definitely 👍 Watch!


Here’s a list of 6 movies I have watched this summer. They are among the most interesting movies I have ever seen and the actors’ performances are really impressive. This list includes suggestions for different film genres so as to address as many preferences in film genres as possible.

1. Me before You (2016, Romance)

If you are sick and tired of the cliché love stories and you want to dive into an extraordinary love story you should definitely watch this movie. It’s about a paralysed man (Sam Claflin) who gets a new lease on life when a cheerful young woman (Emilia Clarke) becomes his caregiver. This movie is remarkable only because of the relationship created between the man and the caregiver but also because there are psychological aspects entailed as the drama unfolds. For instance, the paralysed man was once a rich, active, creative man full of joy and energy who cannot accept his current situation. The question is to what extent can the surprisingly new love in his life affect him so as to see life from a more positive perspective?

One Day ( 2011, Romance)
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