7 Romantic Movies You Can Watch over and over Again ...


Each year, dozens of soppy movies hit our screens, but only a few become the kind of romantic movies you can watch over and over. To me, there is a certain criteria for these movies. First, they need to be entirely unattainable in terms of the romantic situations. Second, there needs to be a little bit of tragedy. Third, they should probably feature Colin Firth and/or Hugh Grant, but it really is sort of okay if they don't. On the basis of my highly complex criteria, I feel the following are romantic movies you can watch over and over.

1. Moulin Rouge

Featuring a slinky courtesan determined to become an actress, Moulin Rouge brings Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman together for a musical spectacular. Until I watched this, I had no idea either could sing. As a massive Baz Luhrman fan, this is one of my favorite romantic movies you can watch over and over. While I love his Romeo and Juliet, sometimes my head isn't ready to accommodate Shakespeare's English. Bring in Moulin Rouge, and I am happy.

2. Love Actually

There must be around seven or eight love stories in this one, all of