Top 8 Worst Movies Ever Made ...


Some movies are so bad that they’re good. Other movies are just plain garbage and horrible enough to be named one of the Worst Movies Ever Made. This list is made up of Hollywood’s biggest pieces of crap and most utter disappointments. These movies are everything from incoherent, badly acted, horribly thought out, and just plain lazy. Here are my nominees for the Worst Movies Ever Made.

8. Plan 9 from Outer Space

This has been commonly considered one of the worst movies ever made by just about every one out there. It’s so bad that a movie was even made by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp detailing director Ed Wood’s catastrophic filmmaking. The movie is bad even by 1960’s sci-fi standards. Don’t rent the actual movie, instead spring for Tim Burton’s Ed Wood. It’s at least meant to be funny.

The Matrix 2 & 3
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