7 War Movies That You Can't Miss ...


War movies can be some of the most interesting experiences we can have. Done right, they allow us to feel like we’ve witnessed crucial pieces of history that have shaped the lives of everyone around us. They can allow us to feel the emotions that our grandparents or fore fathers felt during times of great stress and change. Sometimes they give us perspective on wars like Vietnam or WWII, and then sometimes they simply show us what it looks like when stuff blows up. Whatever it is you look for in a war movie, here is a short list of the best and brightest as I see it.

7. Full Metal Jacket

Full Metal Jacket

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This is one of the few watchable Kubrick movies. His stuff is normally so weird and out there that it shuts off mainstream audiences. Most agree that the first half that follows the squad through boot camp is amazing, it’s the second half where we see them actually in Vietnam where we start to lose people. All in all, if you love war movies, you love Full Metal Jacket.

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