7 Best Movie Kisses ...


Actors smooch on the big screen all the time, but only some of those kisses actually end up being the best movie kisses of all time.

You know what kisses I’m talking about now!

The ones that make your eyes water despite the fact that you’re not too much of a cry baby, take your breath away and even inspire your dreams.

Yup, some movie kisses are indeed spectacular and that’s why I’ve decided to make my own list of best movie kisses of all time.

1. Jack and Kate (Titanic)

Jack and Kate (Titanic)

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Best Movie Kisses?

Well, we definitely have to mention this one!

You’re free to say Titanic was waaay too cheesy for your taste but you simply can’t argue the “WOW” effect of this kiss!

Three ounces of romance, a pitcher of tension, five spoons of radiating passion and a pinch of great scenery.2

Wondering what the hell am I talking about?

Well, you can go ask James Cameron, I bet he was using this recipe to whip up that perfect, memorable kiss.

2. Josie and Sam (Never Been Kissed)

Josie and Sam (Never Been Kissed)

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The tension and the “oh-he’s-not-going-to-show-up” thing definitely adds a lot to the kiss, but the fact that she has never been kissed is what makes the picture perfect.

Just think of it – a brave girl, ready to tell her life story to the world and risk public embarrassment for the prospect of getting the guy she likes.2

Now, wasn’t that kiss well-deserved?

I’d say yes!

3. Lady and Tramp (Lady and the Tramp)

Lady and Tramp (Lady and the Tramp)

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They are not human,s but they have shared one of the best movie kisses ever, and that makes them great candidates for my list.2

Remember the cute, shy spaghetti kiss and the way Tramp gave Lady the last meatball?


I could watch it over and over again and my reaction will always be the same.

I doubt something so adorable ever happens in real life.

Scarlett and Rhett (Gone with the Wind)
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