The Best Movies to Watch after a Breakup ...

Ladies, the end of a relationship is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the best movies to watch after a breakup.

As youโ€™ll see, I didnโ€™t include any sappy rom-coms that will do nothing but make you cry and pine over what is gone.

Instead, Iโ€™m listing movies that allow you to get a release.

Right now youโ€™re experiencing a flood of emotions, one of which is most likely anger.

So, to prevent you from ending up in handcuffs or turning to a night of regret, hereโ€™s the seven best movies to watch after a breakup.

1. Kill Bill Volume II

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To begin our list of the best movies to watch after a breakup, letโ€™s talk about the Bride.

Beatrix Kiddo completes her journey to find Bill, her former boyfriend and leader.

She awakens from a four year coma to find that her unborn child is missing and recalls the brutal beating at the hands of those she trusted most.

Say it with her, girls: โ€œYou and I have unfinished business.โ€

Hostel Part 2