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Thriller movies are the perfect choice if you feel like watching something intense and somewhat creepy (although not as creepy as horror movies tend to be!) so why not try watching one of these great movies below the next time you want to get lost in a good thriller?

1. The Roommate

When Sara, a young design student, arrives for college she is eager to fit in and get to know the big city.

Her wealthy roommate, Rebecca, is more than eager to take Sara under her wing and show her the ropes.

The two become close, but when Sara begins to branch out and make more friends on campus, Rebecca becomes resentful and jealous and her behaviour takes a violent turn.

2. The Moth Diaries

Rebecca attends a private boarding school and her life couldn't be better until the day a new girl arrives, Ernessa.

Rebecca is the only one to find her deathly pale skin and odd manner strange and she works out that she's a vampire.

Rebecca must uncover Ernessa's secret before it's too late and save her best friend, who Ernessa is slowly draining to gain power.

3. Triangle

Jess goes out on a yacht with a group of friends, thinking it would be a fun time and lots of laughs.2

But when a violent storm capsizes their boat, the group are left stranded in the middle of the ocean.

A ghost ship appears and they're quick to climb aboard, believing they've been rescued.

However the ship is oddly familiar to Jess and it's not long before odd events start happening on this deserted ship.

4. Gone Girl

Nick and his glamourous wife Amy have a seemingly perfect life and a great, successful marriage.

But one day Amy goes missing and Nick becomes the prime suspect in her disappearance.

However with all the attention from the media, the public begin to see that they're perfect image is not at all what it seems.

The Glass House
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