7 Best Channing Tatum Movie Roles That Are Hard Not to Love ...

Despite the fact that Channing Tatum is ridiculously good-looking, he is also a talented actor, so why not take a look at the best Channing Tatum movie roles? What I admire about Channing Tatum is his versatility. He is able to take on more of a lax role while still having the ability to portray deep and dauntless characters. In addition to booking big movie roles, he also makes hilarious cameos, which show that he is not afraid to laugh at himself. So here are 7 best Channing Tatum movie roles that prove his acting skills.

1. 21 Jump Street

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One of the best Channing Tatum movie roles is Jenko from 21 Jump Street. It is one of the few comedies that made me cry of laughter uncontrollably. It is actually a remake of late-eighties TV series with plenty of outrageous moments and sharp humor. Channing Tatum and his co-star Jonah Hill embraced the stereotypes of a popular jock and a studious nerd to make one surprising film that is funny in execution and not just in concept! Their chemistry is unimaginable, making their versatile humor even more enjoyable.

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