8 Classic Comedies to Crack You up ...


Classic comedies are always good for a laugh. Because laughing is good for the soul, I like to keep a good set of classic comedies handy for a lazy Sunday or anytime I’m feeling down. If you need a pick me up, a good comedy could do the trick! Here is a list of classic comedies to crack you up.

1. Coming to America

When it comes to classic comedies, this is always the first one to come to my mind. ‘Coming To America’ is nothing short of hilarious. Eddie Murphy is at his absolute best in perhaps his most popular role. Well, that’s hard to say, as he’s had a number of great roles. But his role as Akeem in ‘Coming To America’ is tops in my book! If you want to laugh from beginning to end, pop this one on for sure.

2. Trading Places

Another classic comedy featuring Eddie Murphy is ‘Trading Places.â