7 Disney Shows from the Early 2000s That We Can't Forget ...

By Artti

Feeling a little nostalgic, I was thinking about Disney shows from the early 2000s the other day. They were over the top, ridiculous and overly exaggerated but that’s what I loved about them! Even as a child, I still needed to escape to a fantasy world where there was always a happy ending – that’s what I loved about these shows! Here are some of the most memorable Disney shows from the early 2000s that made us laugh our little hearts out.

1 Even Stevens

Even Stevens Shia LaBeouf has come a long way since starring in one of the most popular Disney shows from the early 2000s. But with that being said, Even Stevens was a TV series that showcased the tumultuous relationship between younger brother Louis Stevens, who was obnoxious to say the least, and his older sister, Ren Steves who sort of seemed to have OCD and needed to take a chill pill. Oh yeah, they had an older brother Donnie who was almost totally irrelevant in all the episodes.

2 The Weekenders

The Weekenders The Weekenders were about four 7th graders who lived in the best town ever (fictional Bahia Bay, California) and always had the best plans on the weekends. Even when they had no plans, they’re plans were still better than anyone’s I’ve ever met. Tino, Tor, Carver and Tish, the main characters of the show, would often spend their weekend at the Pizza Parlour, the anthropology museum, the beach and the arcade but were never satisfied. They were so cool.

3 Recess

Recess Recess was a pretty intense show which touched on topics such as political turmoil, society clashes, economical upheaval, and occasional movements against the ruling monarch. In other words, the show was about six 4th graders who hung out together at recess.

4 Filmore!

Filmore! Filmore! was one of the most underrated cartoon shows on Disney in my opinion. Filmore! followed Cornelius Filmore, a 7th grader at X Middle School, who was one of the best officers on the safety patrol (don’t let that fool you, he had a pretty dark past). Cornelius was intense, professional and held himself to the highest moral standards at all times. Also, he literally destroyed hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars of school property every episode trying to catch the perp.

5 That’s so Raven

That’s so Raven Raven was as good at telling the future as I was. Even though she would have «visions of the future», she would completely misinterpret their meaning. If anything, she always made the situation go from bad to worse with her overdramatic tendencies and her unnecessary desire to go undercover as a ridiculous character.

6 Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire Thanks to Lizzie McGuire I thought high school meant never repeating an outfit, always streaking your hair different colours, and hurriedly painting your nails before school while on your cordless phone with your best friend. Lizzie McGuire was a show about an awkward, unpopular girl and her «struggles» in middle school. Overall, Lizzie was an all-American, girl next door type of character and the most «exciting» thing to ever happen to Lizzie was when she dated Frankie Munis.

7 Proud Family

Proud Family The Proud Family was a show about a crazy, dynamic family who drove each other crazy (Suga Mama, I’m looking at you...) but came together at the end of the day as a family unit. The members of the Proud Family were really background characters to the protagonist of the show, Penny Proud. Penny was the oldest child of the family who dealt with regular teenage problems such as crushes, friends who gossip too much and an overprotective dad who embarrassed her on the daily.

These shows were some of my favourite growing up! I would watch them Saturday morning or right after school. They completely defined my pre-teen years. What were some of your favourite Disney shows growing up?

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