7 Great Movies about Mother-Daughter Relationships to Enjoy with Your Mom ...


When you're looking for movies to rent this weekend, you're likely to see that there are lots of movies about mother-daughter relationships. These types of films are great to watch alone or with your mom or daughter. They show us that most mother-daughter relationships are very complex. They also show us that while many mother-daughter relationships have similarities, no two are exactly the same. If you decide to rent one of these great movies about mother-daughter relationships, be sure to pick up an extra box of tissues too. Many of these films have a way bringing people to tears.

1. Because I Said so

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Because I Said So is one of my favorite movies about mother-daughter relationships. If you have a mom who tends to meddle a little bit too much in your life, you will be able to relate to this move. Because I Said So tells the story of a mom named Daphne who tries to find her daughter Milly the right man. Daphne fears that if her daughter doesn't find the right guy soon, she will end up alone. In her attempt to find love for her daughter, Daphne decides to sign Milly up for internet dating, without telling her. Watch to see if Daphne is successful at finding Milly the perfect man or if her plan fails.

Terms of Endearment
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