7 High Action Movies to Enjoy with Your Guy ...

I enjoy watching a great chick flick as much as any other girl, but occasionally it's nice to watch some high action movies with my husband. Action movies can be both thrilling and exciting. Some of them even have great love stories. Here are 7 great high action movies that you'll enjoy as much as your guy will.

1. Shooter

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When my husband rented this movie, I didn't expect to like it, but it was great. Based on the book Point of Impact, Shooter is a story about a U.S. Marine sniper named Bob Lee Swagger, who is now retired and enjoys his life of seclusion. One day Swagger is called upon to help prevent an assassination attempt against the president. While trying to help the government, he is double crossed and framed for the assassination attempt of the president and the murder of a diplomat. Watch to see if Swagger can figure out who has framed him and why. If you're looking for some great high action movies to watch with your guy, this should definitely be at the top of the list.

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