7 of the Best Book-to-Movie Adaptations ...

Turning beloved stories into successful book-to-movie adaptations is a very tricky business. Nowadays, it seems like every movie is based on a best-selling series. I haven’t had much time to do a lot of reading lately, but these are my picks for the best book-to-movie adaptations. I tried to keep the list somewhat modern. Fair warning: there are a lot of series on the list (that’s mostly what I read).

1. The Harry Potter Series

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If you’ve actually read the entire HP series, kudos to you. This definitely had to make the list of best book-to-movie adaptations because how else can you categorize it?! The movies truly captured the magical essence of the books. It didn’t make you feel like it was this far-fetched reality; it made you feel like Hogwarts was real and that you wanted to attend it. Of course, theres no way movies can get every single book detail that we might’ve wanted. But, the HP series did a absolute wonderful job of it.

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