7 Entertaining Animated Non-Disney Movies from My Childhood ...


7 Entertaining Animated Non-Disney Movies from My Childhood ...
7 Entertaining Animated Non-Disney Movies from My Childhood ...

As a kid, I loved watching movies, especially Disney ones, but I also had the opportunity to see some equally awesome animated non-Disney movies that I still remember fondly! Though these movies often fall to the wayside when compared to childhood classics like The Lion King and princess movies like Snow White and Cinderella, these non-Disney movies are a big part of my upbringing and I want to share some of them with you!

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Don’t sleep on this film just because it’s one of the many non-Disney movies! It has so many good parts in it! Every time I tell someone about Thumbelina, they often don’t even know what I’m talking about, and that’s a real shame. It’s a total classic in my book. It’s a tale about a tiny princess who has been alone, and longing for a friend. She is visited by the prince fairy, but doesn’t get to spend time with him because she is kidnapped by a treacherous toad. Throughout the movie, she searches for a way out of the woods, and is helped by friendly creatures along the way! Check this one out, and you won’t be disappointed! The songs from the movie are still stuck in my head to this day!


The Land before Time

If you haven’t seen The Land Before Time before, then you’ve really missed out! Go see it, like now! The Land Before Time is one of my favorite animated movies of all time! It has such emotion and you fall in love with the endearing characters. The story follows a group of five young dinosaurs, each of a different species, who lost their families. They band together to survive and reach The Great Valley, where there is food aplenty and the dinosaurs can live in peace. It’s a really entertaining and heartwarming non-Disney movie for sure!


The Iron Giant

Oh, The Iron Giant. I remember going to see this one in the theatre. It’s story that follows a young boy, Hogarth Hughes, who makes friends with a giant alien robot. They hang out with each other in the junkyard, which becomes their safe haven. The U.S. government, however, is hellbent on destroying the innocent robot no matter what. It’s an interesting movie that, sadly, a lot of people don’t really pay much attention to, but I think it’s totally classic worthy! You should definitely check this one out!


The Swan Princess

In a world where princesses rule in Disney, I’m surprised The Swan Princess never made it into their own version of this tale. It chronicles the life of Princess Odette, who spent her summers with Prince Derek as a child-- something they hated because they couldn’t stand each other. As they grew up, their feelings changed, and they fell in love. Then something bad occurs and Odette is placed under a spell by an evil sorcerer, who was cast out of the kingdom. It is up to Derek to save her! Though some might say that being turned into a swan might not be all that horrible, not being with the one you love is a pretty big thing to miss out on! It’s a different take on swans and princesses and entertaining too, I love it!



I don’t know if I’ll ever forget about Anastasia. It’s mysterious, but tells the story of determination and redemption. Anastasia is a strong character and I loved her fierceness. Anastasia is about Anastasia, the last heir of the Russian Tsar, who is found by two con artists who help her in order to find Anastasia’s grandmother, who has offered a handsome sum to the ones who find her. But, they encounter trouble when villain Rasputin wants to destroy the family forever. It’s a really great film in my opinion!


Charlotte’s Web (1973)

I read the book Charlotte’s Web as a child, so seeing the film really brought the story to life for me. I’m not particularly keen on spiders, but I liked Charlotte because she was so friendly and loving. And who could forget the charming pig Wilbur, who gets saved by Charlotte, from being picked off at the end of the season? I like this movie because it’s shows a lot about character and hope! There’s even a remake with Julia Roberts that came out in 2006!


An American Tail

Last but not least on my list is An American Tail! It’s about a Russian emigrant mouse who traveled to America with his parents, in search of a land without cats. Along the way, he gets separated from his parents, and makes allies and friends to find them, while also steering clear of the cats he thought he rid himself of. It’s a cool story of triumph and overcoming obstacles to be happy. It’s definitely a classic from my childhood, that I go back to when I want a feel-good fuzzy feeling!

Although Disney mainly rules the category of awesome animated movies, I still have a great bond with the non-Disney movies from my childhood! Are there any non-Disney movies that you’d like to mention?

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Love all these movies! Although I have to say A Troll in Central Park is another favourite :)

5,2,1 are the best from my childhood

The movie about Anastasia is so sad especially because it was based off of a true story :'(

One of my favs was The Secret of Nimh.

I hated charolottes web until like the 4th grade.lol but land before time was my fav. I koved duckey and sarah

Oh plus, i loooved the land before time.. Didn't it have its own show for a bit??

I looooooove thumbelina

I loved thumbelina and the iron giant as a kid

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