7 Stellar Characters Played by Woody Harrelson ...


Lately I've been thinking about my favorite Woody Harrelson characters. I remember being as enamored of him as a seven year old could be when he starred in Cheers, and over the course of his career, I've always enjoyed his movies. His brilliant turn in The Hunger Games has brought him to the forefront of my mind again, in addition to introducing him to a whole new generation of moviegoers. So, let's take a look at some of the best Woody Harrelson characters – at least, in my opinion! Join me?

1. Haymitch: the Hunger Games

Of course I have to mention Haymitch, he's one of my favorite Woody Harrelson characters to date. In the novels, Haymitch comes off as a little more gritty and grumpy, but Woody does something with the character that I love seeing on the big screen. He's somehow both gruff and slightly fabulous, and I have to admit, I love all the hand gestures. I'm being serious! I think he'll do great things with Haymitch as the series continues.

2. Mickey Knox: Natural Born Killers

You knew this was going to make the list, right? It's an incredibly v