The 10 Saddest Movies of 2016 😭đŸŽĨ đŸ“Ŋ 🎞 ...

Movies have the power ✊ to inspire and touch us. Some of them make us laugh 😃 uncontrollably, others leave us angry 😡 or anxious or dazzled, and still others leave us absolutely bawling. I ℹī¸ personally love 💖 sad đŸ˜ĸ movies đŸŽĨ even though I ℹī¸ watch đŸ“ē them knowing that I'll be a 🅰ī¸ sniffling, quivering ball 🎾 of feels by the time 🕚 the end 🔚 credits roll. Of course, sadness đŸ˜ĸ is pretty subjective, you know? What makes me sad đŸ˜ĸ might not make you sad 😞 and vice versa. So, here's my list of the 10 🔟 saddest movies đŸŽĻ not just of 2016, but of all time. It's definitely not a 🅰ī¸ comprehensive list, so after you check ☑ī¸ out the films that make me sob like 😚 a 🅰ī¸ baby, make sure you include your top 👆 picks!

1. Me before You

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As soon 🔜 as I ℹī¸ started seeing comments and previews about Me Before You on 🔛 all my news 📰 feeds and timelines, I ℹī¸ knew it was going 🆙 to be a 🅰ī¸ tearjerker and boy đŸ‘ĻđŸŊ was I ℹī¸ right! I saw this without having read 📙 the book 📙 and it just crushed me, absolutely destroyed me! I ℹī¸ don't know if I ℹī¸ can even handle the novel 📖 – how much will it make me cry, given that it's one 1ī¸âƒŖ of the saddest movies đŸŽĨ of 2016 so far?

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