7 American TV Shows Adapted from British Shows ...


I watch a lot of TV and sometimes I like to check out shows from the UK, but I never realized how many of American TV shows adapted from British shows I watch. It has actually become a little bit of a hobby for me to compare these shows to see which is better. It doesn’t hurt that I get to hear those cute British accents! Here are 7 shows that you may not have known were American shows adapted from British shows.

1. The Office

Probably the most successful and recognizable remake from overseas, «The Office» is definitely my favorite show on this list. Out of all of the American shows adapted from British shows, this is the only one filled with moments that will make you laugh until you cry and characters that you will love. Sadly, the UK version of «The Office» didn’t last as long as its U.S. counterpart, but watching either version would not be a waste of your time.

2. Skins

A big hit in the UK, but a big flop in the States, «Skins» barely l