7 Movies to Boost Your Mood when You're Feeling Low ...


When you’re feeling low, it’s good to know an energy lifter is as close as your remote and some movies to boost your mood.

While a movie may not mend a broken heart, cure money woes, or change a bad haircut, these movies to boost your mood can certainly make you forget about them for a while!

1. The Philadelphia Story

When in doubt, head to the Classics section.

This nugget of rom-com mastery is one of the best movies to boost your mood.

Not only does it have the snappy repartee Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn were known for, it also has The Clothes!!!

While the chemistry between these leading actors is undeniable, throw in a Jimmy Stewart plot twist, and get ready to smile.2

2. Cinema Paradiso

You may not speak Italian, but you will speak Paradiso.

This lovely film of reminiscence, innocence, lost opportunities, and found dreams is set in the idyllic Italian countryside.

When you long for a vacation, but your wallet longs for you to sit on your couch, this movie is the perfect compromise.

Take a trip back in time to a mid-century Italian movie house which stirred the main character’s dreams of his future without the town to where he eventually would return.

More than ever, you will appreciate where you came from, and where you are because of it.

3. It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s not just for Christmas anymore.

Truthfully, this entire list could have been made up solely of Jimmy Stewart movies.

Who doesn’t feel better listening to his Midwestern caustic stutter, or watching his lanky frame stride across the screen talking with an invisible 6’ tall rabbit?

Jimmy has the GPS permanently set to find the soft spot of your heart.

In this Capra tale, a man thinks the world will be better off without him.

An angel with a tilted halo trying to earn his wings shows him why he is so deeply wrong.

In the end, we find that angels walk among us, and each of us has created a worthy paint stroke in this beautiful, challenging picture of life.

When Harry Met Sally
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