9 of My Favorite TV and Movie Cast Reunions ...


Being a TV junkie, I absolutely love TV and movie cast reunions!

There's just something so awesome about seeing a cast reunite years later and looking like nothing has changed.2

I wish that there were actually reunion episodes and movies, but sometimes a picture is just as cool.

Check out these epic TV and movie cast reunions and let me know which one has been your favorite!

1. Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World



Thank the heavens for Entertainment Weekly.

The magazine brought out our inner tween after getting the cast of Boy Meets World to reunite for this photo.

It was around the 20th anniversary of when Boy Meets World aired its first episode.3

Isn't that just insane?

Twenty years?!

They all look just as they did when the show ended!

This definitely tops my list of favorite TV and movie cast reunions.

2. That '70s Show

That '70s Show

I loved this reunion because it was an impromptu one!

Danny Masterson tweeted this photo of the cast just hanging out...

down the street!

Sorry, it was hard to resist singing out the theme song!

They've all been pretty successful after the show, which is fantastic.

I love that they're still friends!

How awesome is that?

3. Full House

Full House

Here's another childhood classic, Full House!

The cast reunited a while ago to take this epic photo.

The only ones that are missing are Mary-Kate and Ashley!

Seriously, how amazing would it have been if they were there?

Of course, they were probably busy with some designer errands!

Fingers crossed for another reunion photo soon INCLUDING the Olsen Twins!

4. Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks

Vanity Fair managed to get the cast of Freaks and Geeks together for a reunion photo shoot!

Isn't it scary how everyone still looks pretty much the same?2

Of course, with the exception of the Geeks.

Those boys grew up to be such handsome men!

I mean, look at John Francis Daley.

The man is too beautiful!

Who was your favorite in the show?

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