7 Disney Channel Original Movies You Probably Forgot about ...


I totally remember spending my childhood watching Disney Channel original movies! I think the movies were very well made. However, the Disney Channel original movies now a days... ehh. Am I right, or...? Here’s a list of some great DCOMs that you probably forgot about! No worries though, I’m sure they’re all available online somewhere!

1. Pixel Perfect

This movie premiered in 2004 and actually had some really catchy music! It starred Ricky Ullman (from Phil of the Future) and Leah Pipes. It tells the story of sixteen-year-old Roscoe (Ullman) trying to help his best friend Samantha (Pipes) and her band, the Zetta Bytes. Despite her awesome vocals and guitar skills, she just doesn’t have the “pop star” factor. So, Roscoe uses his dad’s holographic equipment to create a human hologram named Loretta to dance and be the “face” of the band. It’s actually really interesting and had some cool music, it might be one of my favorite Disney Channel original movies!

You Wish!
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