7 Documentaries on Netflix You Will Love ...

I love a good documentary and there are some great documentaries on Netflix you will love to watch. Whilst binge-viewing on a box-set is truly fabulous and one of my favorite pastimes, I also love watching something a little more factual and these brilliant documentaries on Netflix are both thought provoking and entertaining.

1. The Bridge

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This is quite a disturbing, moving and absorbing documentary from 2006. Filmed over a year in 2004, the documentary captures footage of people using the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco as their farewell point to the world. This might sound morbid and macabre but I think it's tastefully done and helps raise awareness of mental health issues and the subsequent impact they can have. It also features an interview with someone who jumped and survived to tell the tale. The documentary features interviews with the families and friends of those who committed suicide.This is definitely one of the documentaries on Netflix you should watch.

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