9 Heartbreaking Fictional Deaths I Will Never Get over ...

I love a good story, but great stories are often fraught with heartbreaking fictional deaths that leave us sobbing loudly at the back of the cinema or trying to dry the sodden pages of our favorite books. There are so many fictional deaths that have readers and viewers close to a state of depression, but here are 9 of the most heartbreaking fictional deaths that I will never get over.

1. Ellie from up

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Hands up who cried? Anyone that didn’t feel at least a little bit moved by one of the most heartbreaking fictional deaths on screen in recent years must have a heart of stone. Their relationship is presented so beautifully on screen and everyone can feel the love between them, but then after a long happy life together, Carl has to say goodbye to the love of his life. It’s no wonder it’s so heartbreaking.

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