The Best Show for a Netflix Binge According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


The Best Show for a Netflix Binge According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
The Best Show for a Netflix Binge According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

If there is one thing that I know for sure, it is that everyone here has a Netflix account, or should I say, you at least have the log in details of a best friend to take advantage of! There is nothing better than settling down on the couch on a Friday evening and only getting up for toilet and food breaks for the entire weekend, your only company the juicy episodes of some great new show! The thing is, there are so many great shows out there at the moment that the hardest part of the process can be actually deciding what to pull the trigger on! Here is the best show for a Netflix binge according to your zodiac sign!

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You need something that is going to satisfy both your competitive side and your love of food, so the baking competition Sugar Rush is the perfect series to get stuck into. Be careful though, it will definitely make you hungry!



You are a perfectionist to the nth degree, so you need a show that is going to give you something to soothe your soul. The best thing for this is Amazing Interiors, it is home décor porn to the core!



You love drama, but you also have a wicked sense of humour, which makes Orange Is The New Black the perfect show for you. And with the newest season just released, there is no better time to get involved!



You like things to be light-hearted and cute, and the Netflix original show Love is the perfect representation of all of your preferences. There is some sweetness, some light drama, and lots of sympathy for you to give.



You need something that is going to satisfy your deep need to drama and twists and turns, and if you can look past the recent misgivings of Kevin Spacey and appreciate the character work instead, House Of Cards is pretty excellent.



You are a great lover of nature, and there is no better nature show in the world than Planet Earth. There is something about David Attenborough that just soothes the soul!



Libras crave light-hearted comedy that makes them feel good about other things that might not be so great in their lives, and the perfect thing for this is definitely some classic Parks And Recreation.



Scorpios don’t like to get into something unless they know it’s going to be for the long haul, so something with a high season count and consistent quality is the way to go. Grey’s Anatomy is the one for you!



You are a great lover of culture, but you are also drawn to strong personalities, and one show that combines these two perfectly is Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. (RIP man!)



You have a super dry sense of humour, but you enjoy that humour being represented in unusual ways, so the Netflix original animation F Is For Family is perfect.



You are someone who really loves to be stimulated and challenged intellectually whilst still being entertained, and Black Mirror is a show that definitely provides that experience.



You might not like to admit it, but you are hipster to the core! Out of all the shows available to watch on Netflix, there is none more hipster and catered to your specific needs than the hilarious Portlandia!

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