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Audrey Hepburn movies are among my favorites – needless to say! I love this woman for her class, her elegance, and her immense talent. She's a gamine girl all the way, with those wide, dark eyes, her classic gestures, and her skill on camera. There are a number of classic Audrey Hepburn films, making it hard to narrow it down to just a few. Hopefully you'll see your favorite Audrey Hepburn movie on this list too, but if not, feel free to talk about yours in the comments!

1. Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of the most classic Audrey Hepburn movies ever, and it's definitely one of my personal favorites.

I know Truman Capote wanted Marilyn Monroe to play Holly Golightly on screen, but Audrey was just perfect in the role of a slightly suspect ingenue.

The movie is worlds different from the book but she turned it into a masterpiece all on her own.

2. Sabrina

What's funny about this Audrey Hepburn film is that Humphrey Bogart actually hated it.

He felt that his role as the romantic lead to Audrey's Sabrina was a little inappropriate.

I get that, but I still love seeing these two epic actors on screen together – and although Bogie was much, much older than Audrey, I found the shy, stumbling romance awfully sweet.

3. My Fair Lady

Another amazing musical, this is one of the most well-known Audrey Hepburn films ever.

The costumes, the songs, the acting – it's all sublime!

Rex Harrison is the bees knees, playing the Henry Higgins to Audrey's cockney Eliza Doolittle.

I love this movie so much that I actually have the Barbie dolls it inspired – including the one with the Ascot outfit.

Oh, that hat!

4. Roman Holiday

Ah, Audrey and Gregory Peck.

This is a lovely little Audrey Hepburn film, where she stars as a princess who escapes during a visit to Rome.

She disguises herself as a regular girl (shades of Princess Jasmine, anyone?) and falls for a reporter from the states.

That's the simple take on it;

you have to see these two fall in love!

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