Movies about Losing Your Virginity Virgins Probably Shouldn't Watch ...


We can learn many things from movies – and that includes what NOT to do.

Losing your virginity is not one of the topics the screen media does awfully well.

What should be one of the most special moments in your life is usually reduced to a comedic episode with many of its factors blown out of proportion to get the laugh.

These are not movies to watch to learn the finer points about a first sexual encounter, but they do raise some issues all virgins (and non-virgins) should know of.

1. American Pie (1999)

This has to be one of the very best movies about losing your virginity of all time.

This coming-of-age comedy shares the story of a group of friends in their senior year who decide to lose their virginity by prom night.2

It manages to be charming even though you will watch so much weird stuff happening.

Yes, it's vulgar but heartwarming and is definitely a movie every girl should watch.

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2. Very Good Girls (2013)

So many teen movies are based on the exploits of the male sex in pursuance of losing their virginity.

This movie puts attention on the girls.

It is about two best friends who fall in love with the same guy and want him for their first sexual experience.

The situations are hilarious yet relatable.

It has a breezy but bittersweet and somewhat nostalgic vibe.2

Yes, it may not be the perfect teen movie, but it tackles the topic of virginity well and maintains a great spirit throughout the movie.

Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen make it watchable.

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3. The Virgin Suicides (1999)

If you want to watch a movie that shares a disarmingly poetic perspective of female adolescence, you should watch The Virgin Suicides.2

The movie revolves around five sisters with a super strict family background.

The story takes a dark turn when one of the sisters loses her virginity.

Unfortunately, the guy ends up being a jerk and tragedy ensues.

How the lives of the other sisters get affected is what makes this movie worth watching.2

Yes, it may not be the happiest movie in this list, but it deserves its place.

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Easy a (2010)
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