7 Great Period Television Shows You Should Be Watching ...


When you get tired of the modern world, period television shows are a great option for some entertainment. Whether it is the 14th century or the 6190s, period television shows give us a glimpse into the past and what life was like. They might not always be the most historically accurate shows, but they are still great entertainment. If you love great costumes, great drama, and sometimes-great accents, these period television shows are great to check out.

1. Reign


I recently started watching Reign and I think it is one of the best period television shows out there. It is a combination of Gossip Girl and a history lesson. It follows Mary Queen of Scots as she enters the French court to marry Prince Francis. There are secrets, and threats, and love triangles within the castle walls. Not to mention the costumes are fabulous. It might not be the most historically accurate period show, but it certainly is entertaining.

The Tudors
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