9 of Steve Carell's Funniest Movie/TV Roles ...

It's safe to say that Steve Carell's funniest roles are the reasons I watch TV/movies. He's such an incredible actor and personally one of my favorite human beings, ever. I just think he brings so much love and light to the movie industry. He seems like such a genuine and nice guy. Okay, well now that my rant about my love for him is over, let's get to business. Check out some of my personal favorites (top picks) for Steve Carell's funniest roles.

1. Michael Scott (the Office)

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This had to top my list of Steve Carell's funniest roles. I mean, who's funnier than Michael Scott?! The Office was such an incredible show. I bawled like a baby when it came to an end. I seriously considered finding a support group or something for the Office withdrawals. Whenever I feel down, I can always count on this video for some laughs. And by "some laughs," I mean tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. That's the best kind, right?

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