11 90's Movies You Must Watch before You Die ...

The 90s was a great decade, and there are so many epic 90's movies you must watch that it's hard to list just a few! The decade that gave us Ghost (that pottery scene!), Flatliners and Jumanji also gave us a whole host of other 90's movies you must watch - so here are 11 that you simply have to see before you die.

1. Ghost (1990)

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As if the fact that it won two Oscars wasn't enough, it also stars an incredibly gorgeous young Patrick Swayze, and Demi Moore looks great too. Who could fail to be touched by the romance in the film - the pottery scene has spawned thousands of re-enactments across the globe; it's an iconic 90's movie and definitely deserves top place as one of the 90's movies you must watch before you die!

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