7 French Films about Love ...

Think of anything French and we're sure the first thought that comes to your mind is love... and we couldn't help but fall in love with Lezlie's list of lovely French movies. Thanks Lezlie for making us feel all warm and gooey inside :)

No one expresses love like the French do. All you need is one day in Paris to see the world through rose tented eyes. However, if Paris isn’t on your agenda anytime soon, you can experience love French style through some of these sweet and sensual movies. Just don’t expect your typical Hollywood ending. The term French twist was coined for a reason ;).

1. Love Me if You Dare

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This grown-up fairytale is full of twists and turns. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you decided to try having a romantic relationship with that one guy friend that’s been in your life forever? I know you’ve thought about it at least once. Well, the beautiful Marion Cotillard plays out that fantasy on screen for us. She takes the dare to go there and trust me; your jaw will drop at least once.

2. Jules and Jim

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Obviously love triangles aren’t the wisest idea in the world. But the French aren’t from this world and they go there in this French New Wave classic by Francois Traffaut. Most women love that feeling of being the Queen Bee, the apple of multiple eyes. Well, Catherine captures the experience of having two men follow her around all summer, totally in love with her. She can do no wrong. Or, can she? This film is considered a French masterpiece.

3. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

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How do I love Audrey Tautou? Let me count the ways. The tagline for this movie is, «Is she crazy in love, or just crazy?» Have you ever shared a story with someone and a friend who was with you cuts you off because your perspective of the incident is 110% different than they remembered it? Well, this little gem of a movie is all about perspective. Also, the storytelling device used in this movie is really unusual and creative.

4. Paris, Je T’aime

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Paris, I love you. It’s possible to actually fall in love with the city itself. This movie, filled with star-studded vignettes, captures the city perfectly. Oh and if you don’t feel like reading subtitles Paris Je T’aime is a great starting point because the majority of it is in English with American actors.

5. Apres Vous

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I don’t know about you but I love watching people eat great food and drink amazing wine for some reason. Apres Vous is a quirky romantic comedy set around a waiter who is in love with a florist. This movie will stimulate your senses and make you laugh the whole way through. It’s a very tasty comedy with a little French twist.

6. Midnight in Paris

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Technically this isn’t a French film since Woody Allen directed it and it stars Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams. But this list doesn’t have to be technical, does it? Midnight in Paris brings some of our favorite people of the past to life through the device of time travel. This technique can be cheesy at times. Not this time! It’s done well, very well. Watch love unfold, unravel, and blossom in the city of love.

7. Amelie

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It’s always wonderful to see a rosebud blossom into a full blown rose, don’t you think? Such is the journey of Amelie, a painfully shy waitress in love with a total stranger. Amelie will steal your quirky little love-sick heart .This movie wasn’t nominated for 5 Academy Awards for nothing. It’s timeless, visually stunning, creative and original. Oh, and the leading lady is such a charmer.

If you love love, you will love these movies. If you are frustrated with love, these movies will encourage you. What are some of your favorite movies about love?

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