9 British Costume Dramas to Try if You Love Downton Abbey ...

I just love costume dramas, and as a Brit, can honestly take pride in that British costume dramas rule the genre. I love the social history of period drama and love to lose myself in stories of yesteryear. Downton Abbey has done much to revive the genre and I think if you love DA, that’s great impetus to check out other British costume dramas that you might have missed.

1. Upstairs Downstairs

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To me, this is the one that sets the standards for British costume dramas. If you love Downton Abbey, you should check this one out too. The premise is the same. The story follows the lives of those who share the house upstairs and downstairs at 165 Eton Place in London. It ran for 5 seasons, first being aired in 1971. It covers the same period as Downton too and many people believe that Downton is nothing but a copy of this great original. I love them both so I just push those criticisms aside.

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