15 of the Most Annoying TV Characters ...

There are annoying TV characters everywhere! I feel like sometimes they help to further story lines and other times theyโ€™re just dead weight that could be cut out of the show. Who knows why writers put in characters that get on everyoneโ€™s nerves. Here are nine of the most annoying TV characters according to me.

1. Allison Cameron

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This was a rough one. I couldnโ€™t choose between Cameron and Foreman from โ€œHouse, M.D.โ€ for most annoying character on the show. They both drove me crazy, but when it comes down to it, Cameronโ€™s whiny nature and weird crush on House made her the winner. Even when she left the show and came back, she still found a way to be annoying by acting like she was better than Houseโ€™s new doctors. I just could never really find her likable and believe me, I tried!

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