10 Great Movies πŸŽ₯ Any Young Adult πŸ™Ž Can Relate to in Life 🌎 ...


Movies that are typically set in high school are ones that many young adults can relate to, mainly because of all the similarities such as building friendships, starting first relationships and even falling in love that they face in real life.

Have you seen any of these movies and if so, which is your favourite?

1. Mean Girls

Cady is a teenage girl who's been home schooled all her life, so when she moves from her home town and into a big public school full of preppy, popular students, she finds it hard to resist becoming a part of the most popular clique in school ("The Plastics") when invited by the leader.

Cady gets out of her depth as she finds herself hurting others around her (including the first real friends she's ever had) just so she can make a name for herself as one of the popular girls.

She must ultimately find a way to make amends with all those she has done wrong to and also must find out who her true friends are.

2. 13 Going on 30

Jenna is sick of not being popular in high school and makes a wish to become 30, believing that being older would solve all her problems.

Suddenly her wish comes true overnight and she wakes up in a much older life, although she finds out that it's not as great she thought and doesn't like the person she becomes in the future.

Therefore she must try to change the future of her life before it's too late.2

3. Easy a

Olive wants a better reputation so she tells a lie to her best friend, which then spreads round her school like wildfire and soon everyone knows her false story and believes it's true.

At first Olive doesn't mind being known for her promiscuity(even if it's all lies) and plays along with the rumours going around.

But it's not long before it all spirals out of control when others take advantage of her new ways and she must shut the rumours and stories down once and for all, even if that means coming clean about the truth.2

Cruel Intentions
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