How Realistic 🤔 is the Idea 💡 of Wonder Woman 👸?


Are there any modern day Wonder Women out there? How realistic is the idea of a Wonder Woman?

Women who care so much and so deeply within about helping others.

Do we have even one Wonder Woman on this planet we call Earth?

Are any women curious as to…

Why would a person lie?

Why would a person kill?

There’s a lot of finger pointing and blaming, but it seems like not enough of us ask the question of… “Why?”

Fights and arguments.

Secrets, faults, and blaming.

Endless finger pointing.

In the end, trying to understand the “why” is what most often allows a person to feel heard, and helps the listener to better understand.

How far are you willing to go, to help others?

What would it take for you to never again speak a lie? To speak only the truth, or maintain a silence.

The bad thing you are doing, what if you made a choice one day to just never do it ever again?

Often, the honest and kind way can be complicated, while deceitful and shocking ways can come so easily.

Is it only me or does one way seem to require more effort than the other?

Curiously, I ask, I wonder how many women we could turn into Wonder Women. Returning to a set of beliefs that revolve around personal reflection and honest foundations.

Moving beyond the blame game, and into evaluating where we are as an individual and where things could go from here.

At times I wish we had a Wonder Woman.

And sometimes, I even try to be her.

Have you? What do you think? How realistic is the idea of a Wonder Woman?