Model Your House after These Famous Movie Homes ...


Movies always have the prettiest houses!

I always love watching movies just for the home decor and interior design inspiration.

If you love interior design in movies as much as I do, this list is sure to give you all of the home inspiration of your dreams!

1. Practical Magic Kitchen

Practical Magic Kitchen
Via Practical Magic: A Victorian House

This off-white kitchen is so beautiful!

2. The Holiday Living Room

The Holiday Living Room
Via Kate Winslet's English Cottage in

This shabby chic living room from The Holiday is absolutely stunning!

3. Something's Gotta Give Pool

Something's Gotta Give Pool
Via The Beach House in "Something's

This pool from the movie Something's Gotta Give has become an iconic movie set!

4. Practical Magic Exterior

Practical Magic Exterior
Via The 23 Most Incredible Old

This Victorian house in Something's Gotta Give is so pretty!

5. The Holiday Library

The Holiday Library
Via Kate Winslet's English Cottage in

Iris's library in this movie is every person's dream.

6. Rustic Kitchen

Rustic Kitchen
Via Practical Magic: Tour This Beautiful

This rustic kitchen is so pretty!

7. Built-ins from Something's Gotta Give

Built-ins from Something's Gotta Give
Via The Beach House in "Something's

This little reading nook is so cozy and gorgeous!

8. It's Complicated Hallways

It's Complicated Hallways
Via It’s Complicated: A Movie House

This Spanish-style hallway is so stunning.2

9. The Holiday Kitchen

The Holiday Kitchen
Via Kate Winslet's English Cottage in

This little cottage kitchen is so cozy!

10. Somethings Gotta Give Windows

Somethings Gotta Give Windows
Via lilyg

This wall of windows is dream-worthy!

11. Gilmore Girls House !

Gilmore Girls House !
Via Gilmore Girls: Lorelai's House and

12. Great Gatsby Cottage

Great Gatsby Cottage
Via Great Gatsby: Locations, houses and

The exterior of the cottage from The Great Gatsby is so beautiful!

13. It's Complicated Kitchen

It's Complicated Kitchen
Via Amy Vermillion Interiors

This bright and sunny kitchen is to die for!

14. Blue and White Living Room

Blue and White Living Room
Via COTE DE TEXAS: James Radin

This blue and white living room is so airy and beautiful!

Owen's House in Practical Magic
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