20 Netflix Originals 🎞 You Should Stream 💻 to Entertain Yourself 👏🏼 ...


With Netflix it's easy to find something new to binge watch.

This list by seventeen.com (in no particular order) will give you some fab suggestions on what to watch.

No matter what shows your into, I guarantee Netflix will not disappoint!

And if anything, you can always try something new!

It just might surprise you how much you like a new genre or show type.

1. Marvel's Jessica Jones

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She's an ass-kicking superhero fighting against a man who is attempting to control her every move.

It's a fierce, feminist tale with surprising twists and turns, and with a female friendship at its core that will make it not only badass, but relatable.

More like this, please, Marvel!

2. Grace and Frankie

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Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda star in this odd-couple comedy that's basically #RetirementGoals.

If you don't want to be these two women when you grow up, I don't want to know you.

I mean, they're starting a sex toy company in their 70s.


3. Master of None

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Aziz Ansari's comedy about a young-ish man trying to make it as an actor and find love in the streets of Brooklyn.

It's not only (often) hilarious;

it also tackles pressing social issues, including an excellent episode about what it's like to be a woman walking alone at night.

4. 13 Reasons Why

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The Selena Gomez-produced YA novel adaptation about a teenage girl who dies by suicide is intense.

It's a well-made, complicated, and ultimately heartbreaking look at what happens to too many young girls in a society that doesn't value them.

5. Haters Back off!

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This underappreciated show is a love song to the annoying theater kid — you know, the kind that earnestly bursts into selections from "Rent" without reason or provocation — inside all of us.

A hilarious and frustrating watch, Miranda shows all of us what it's really like when you'll do anything for fame but have no talent to back it up.

A Series of Unfortunate Events
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