Valuable 💎 Reasons to Watch 👀 Love, Simon 🎥 ...


Yesterday, I watched a movie that recently came out. So, I'm here to tell you all the best reasons to watch "Love, Simon".

The movie is about a normal high school student, but the only problem is nobody knows he is gay. After watching the movie, I couldn’t stop smiling.

"Love, Simon" made me feel many different emotions throughout the whole movie. From happiness and laughing, to full on tears. The jokes were funny and the love scenes were cute. This is not only a good movie but an important one. That’s what I like the most about it. A lot of people don’t understand the importance of representation. With movies like "Love, Simon" and "Black Panther," we are starting to grasp how representation matters in a culture whether it be race or sexuality.

Many of my friends are LGBTQ. I’ll always remember the looks on their face when telling me about this movie. The absolute joy of having a character that they can relate to. It is no surprise that most romantic movies today are heterosexual. Something that a portion of our population can’t relate to, but introducing love stories that revolve around homosexual couples make a world of difference. Of course, this doesn’t weed out straight people. Everyone needs to go see this movie because at its core it is an adorable love story. It can also help people understand some of the problems LGBTQ people face in modern society.

The only thing I can hope for this movie is that it will be successful. This will show that these movies are a good idea and something that moviegoers want to see. I plan on seeing it again, and I honestly can’t wait. Like the movie’s slogan says, “Everyone deserves a great first love story.” And those are all the reasons to watch "Love, Simon".