10 Shows That Should Be Made into Movies ...


This might be because I am obsessed with all things TV and movies, but there are so many shows that should be made into movies. It doesn't matter if the show is a drama, comedy, or even musical, there are so many shows out there that offer enough entertainment that a movie could easily be made out of them. So here are my top contenders for shows that should be made into movies.

1. Pretty Little Liars

This is definitely on my list of top shows that should be made into movies because this show is filled with suspense. Every question that is answered in this show leads to more questions. Every episode leaves me on the edge of my seat from the intensity. A full length movie of Pretty Little Liars would give me a full night of suspense and would allow me to have some questions answered without having to wait a week between episodes. Plus the fashion in this show is a little bit to die for.

2. Mad Men

This hit show should be made into a movie for all of its drama. A mov