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2014s Top Guilty Pleasure Reality Shows ...

By Teresa

There are definitely some strange 2014 reality shows out there this year. Some are just completely outlandish, some are much more family-oriented, but regardless, they are all equally entertaining. Whether you’re looking for a mystery to blow your mind, or just want to catch up with your favorite reality TV family, these 2014 reality shows are exactly what you’re looking for!

Table of contents:

  1. 19 kids and counting
  2. Little people, big world
  3. Teen mom
  4. Dating naked
  5. Candidly nicole
  6. Catfish
  7. Are you the one?

1 19 Kids and Counting

Not everyone is always fair towards 19 Kids and Counting. Sure, they don’t live life like the rest of America, but they’re still one of the best reality shows on TV. Even if you don’t agree with their views, the Duggar family is consistently entertaining, and I can’t help but admit that they’re one of my favorite 2014 reality shows, especially with all of the wedding and baby chaos they’re experiencing right now!

2 Little People, Big World

Personally, I feel like I’ve grown up with the Roloff family. My heart broke a little when the final episode aired, and then, like magic, the show came back on. The kids are all grown up, Jeremy’s married, Zach’s engaged, and none of them are the little kids we first watched in 2006. It’s bittersweet, especially if you’ve been watching for all of those years. Regardless, it’s so much fun to watch them live those big life events after watching them grow up on your TV!

3 Teen Mom

Maybe it’s a residual obsession from my high school days, but I can’t help but be entertained by this show! Call it a guilty pleasure, but it feels like I’ve watched these girls, and their babies, grow up in such a short amount of time. Now that the original teen moms are coming back, you can’t help but get excited to catch up with these girls!

4 Dating Naked

Although “naked reality shows” have somehow become a popular trend this year, Dating Naked is without a doubt the strangest reality show to come out of 2014, and yet I can’t look away. It’s like watching a car accident that you really don’t want to see, but just can’t help but watch. It takes a special breed of person to volunteer to be completely naked on national television, and you will find that special breed on this show.

5 Candidly Nicole

Although it’s not technically a reality show, Candidly Nicole is one of my favorite “reality shows” of the past few years. It’s slightly scripted, but Nicole Richie plays herself so hilariously that you’ll soon forget. It started as a hysterical web series last summer that has evolved into a “reality” show on VH1. If you haven’t checked out this comedic gem yet, you must.

6 Catfish

It’s nearly impossible that you haven’t found yourself sucked into a Catfish marathon at least once since the show premiered two years ago. Even years since the show premiered, the amount of insane people still coming up with such crazy, fictional lives is staggering. It seems like the show would get old after a few years, and yet every story always has a different, unbelievable twist.

7 Are You the One?

Dating shows have not exactly been few and far between on MTV. Although at first glance this show seems to be another pointless dating reality show, this show will suck you in. You’ll find yourself rooting for the couples, either to find love, or simply to win the cash prize involved. Yes, it’s that kind of reality show, but it’s so bad that it’s good.

What’s your favorite reality show on TV this year? It’s so hard to choose just a few - and to look away!

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