15 Game of Thrones Characters We Miss ...

Game of Thrones is an EPIC fantasy series created by George R.R. Martin that has been delighting fans since 1996. Adapted by HBO in 2011, the series has exploded in popularity with its unique characters, unpredictable plots, and fantastic fantasy world. Whether you’re a fan from the beginning with the novels or a newcomer via the TV series, we can all agree that Game of Thrones has seen a loss of characters. Here is our list of Game of Thrones characters that are truly missed.


1. Ned Stark

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The first in a series of deaths for the Stark family (if you don’t count Lady), Eddard β€œNed” Stark is undoubtedly one of the most missed characters of the series. Honorable and virtuous, the Stark patriarch and lord of Winterfell was, for many, the moral compass of the series. He is principled, pragmatic, and unwavering in his loyalty, a genuinely noble man that many admired. Sadly, it is these same qualities that lead to his arrest and eventual execution, an event which sparks the civil war known as β€œThe War of the Five Kings.” His presence in the series is as impressive as it is shortlived, and his death is something many fans have neither forgotten nor forgiven.

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