7 Hot Guys on Bones Who Take Our Breath Away ...

One of my greatest guilty pleasures lately is the hot guys on Bones. I say "guilty pleasure" because, while I'm completely devoted to my husband, I still enjoy a bit of eye candy once in a while. I'm told this is completely normal and fine as long as I don't over-indulge or do it in front of him; I hope that's true, because it's just so much fun to have them on in the background during the day while I pretend to do housework. For your viewing pleasure, here are my favorite hot guys on Bones.

1. Seely Booth

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Do I really need to explain my attraction here? He's one of the hot guys on Bones who can carry off the scruffy look and polished look at the same time. He's got a good heart and tries to see the good in people, even if there isn't much to be found. He's one of the few guys I've seen who looks good in a beer helmet. Of course, the fact that he's usually in the bathtub at the time certainly doesn't hurt.

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