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On February 2, 2014, the world lost a talented, eloquent, and thoughtful actor, causing everyone to start thinking about their favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman movies and moments. As an avid fan and longtime admirer, I started thinking about them too – after admittedly crying, because PSH is one of my favorite actors, and has been since the 1990s, when his career really kicked off. Losing someone gifted, someone who entertains you and makes you deeply connect with the characters they portray, is always difficult, but even more so when they're taken so senselessly and so soon. I hope you'll join me in remembering this amazing man. My list of the most memorable Philip Seymour Hoffman movies might not match yours, but I also invite you to share your favorites – the roles, the anecdotes, the moments, and the memories.

1. Boogie Nights

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This is unquestionably one of my favorite PSH films, not in the least because it was the first time I remember really seeing him in a movie. Scotty is such a sad, creepy, sympathetic creature. His feelings for Dirk are so painfully obvious, his attempts to reveal his crush so painfully awkward, and his acknowledgments of his own clumsy maneuvering so poignant, you can't help but love him. In that way, it's one of the most classic Philip Seymour Hoffman movies, because he gets you emotionally invested in this bumbling, unattractive, graceless character – who, in the scheme of things, is one of the only stable characters in the film.

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