9. Disney Classics

Disney Classics

Disney has made hundreds of movies over the years. So you could easily throw any old Disney movie marathon, but why not go for the classics? By classics, I donโ€™t mean Tangled or anything like that. As much as I love those movies, they ainโ€™t classic.

What I mean is Snow White, Cinderella, The Lion King, Beauty & the Beast, The Little Mermaidโ€ฆyou catch my drift. Basically, anything that Disney World and all its sparkling glory revolves around! And yeah, that may even mean Pirates of the Caribbean!

Why not add a theme to your movie marathon? Nothing too rigid, just certain foods, or a little dress code. You can even theme the drinks. There must be some great 1950s cocktails out there to sip while youโ€™re singing along to Grease! If you have a movie marathon idea, please share it!

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