3. Lars Von Tier’s Depression Trilogy

Lars von Tier has been a controversial man. He showed sympathy for Hitler and creates movies that leave a bad taste in the viewers’ mouths. Von Tier has a history of mistreating his actors. Some either put up with it or chose not towork with him ever again. He’s even tricked one actor into playing a role in his movie. Von Tier makes his movies in trilogies based on a theme. His depression trilogy came out around 2009. It all started with the movie, Antichrist. Charlotte Gainsbourg stars in all three of these.

Antichrist has some dark and uncomfortable moments in it. It even borders on being sexist. In 2011, Melancholia was released. This film focused on two sisters as the world is about to end. This turned out to be slow and boring. Finally came Nymphomaniac. The movie was so long that it had to be split up into two movies. Both of them were so boring and there was nothing sexy about them. It just most about a hypersexual woman who was beaten up and a kind stranger takes her in and lets her tell her story. The movie is filled with a philosophy you don’t really care about and the ending is just a slap in the face. The uncut version of both volumes isn’t any better either.

The Hangover
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