7 Musical Comedy Movies for Some Toe-Tapping Laughter ...

Musical comedy movies are fun; they always keep you on your toes! The whole plot and the characters may be over the top but that’s the whole point! Musicals are especially perfect for music and movie lovers - it’s like killing two birds with one stone. So in case you wanted to check some of them out, here are 7 musical comedy movies that might blow you away!

1. Pitch Perfect (2012)

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It’s hilarious, charming and impossible to resist! It’s one of the best out of all musical comedy movies!

Plot: When Beca arrives at Barden University, she doesn't seem to fit into any clique, but is then forced into The Bellas, Barden’s all-girls singing group. Despite the fact that they are all completely different, one thing they have in common is how good they sound together. What Beca thought was one of the worst decisions of her life became something meaningful when she got the chance to revamp their traditional harmonies and lead them into one of the most important singing competitions.